FITO Hillman Curtis lecture

October 26, 2002 at 12:00 AM

Category: Art & Design, Photography

Well I never really had a chance to write down an articulation of my thoughts for this event but these are the notes that I wrote down:

Went to Hillman Curtis with Erica and Dave. Curtis ended up being quite the humble person. As commercial as he is, he doesn't gloss over it. (He does believe that you can put the words 'commercial' and 'artists' together and still have them work.)

It was very interesting how he talked about his desire to communicate. He mentioned his faith in the internet to break free from needing big corporations in order to get your music out. And of course this applies to writing and art. (Very timely since I recieved a link from Alex about Peer-to-peer streaming for audio and video. Goooo pirate radio/tv!)

Some pics of the event: (They're really blurry because the lecture was in a very dark movie theatre, hence a slightly shaky long exposure. But that black blob of a figure... that's Hillman)

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