January 15, 2004 at 12:54 PM

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Three weeks in Regina is like going away to a different country.

View first batch of photos from my Woca (they need to be rescanned though).

Week 1:
Arrived Dec. 11th and I was welcomed with blistering -30 degree weather (compared to Toronto's +5 degrees). I promptly bought a scarf.

I also promptly got put out of service with a cold in which coughing made me feel delerious... At least it was the day after my birthday so at least I got some partying in.

Week 2:
On the road to recovery... Weather also warmed up to -10 so it was great.

Did lots of this and that with old friends from high school. It was really nice seeing people that I hadn't seen in 2- 4 years and meeting their friends. Holly, a friend since grade 1, even dragged out her photo albums and keepsakes box which added much humour into the holiday.

By the middle of this week though I felt like I had been in Regina for what felt like a really long time. I double-checked my plane ticket and realized that I had 3 more weeks left in Regina.

I then promptly changed my ticket to leave Dec. 31 rather than Jan 5.

Week 3:
Did more of this and that. I mean, what can I tell you... it's Regina.

If there would have been a Week 4 then I would have had to suffer -55 degree weather since the cold settled back in the day I left. You don't understand how glad I am to be back in Toronto.

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