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10 Unexpected Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life
1 August 2023

Experience a New Depth of Calmness

As a mother with a back busting passion for blogging and a sweet, energetic child named Harper, my life can be, to put it mildly, a whirlwind. Add into the mix a pandemic and well, you have got the recipe for a perfect storm. But in this chaos, I found an unexpected lifeline: meditation. Yes, you heard it right. That thing where people sit still and try to focus on something for an extended period of time without falling asleep. In my journey with meditation, I have stumbled upon ten, somewhat surprising ways, in which it has improved my life and I'm about to share these unexpected gold nuggets with you.

Meditation is a state of profoundly deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. How does one achieve this state of calm, especially amidst chaos, you ask? Well, I shall admit, it's not as easy as uttering abracadabra. It requires practice, patience and perseverance. The results though, oh, they're worth it, believe me! It has not only helped me stay calm but also better handle stress, manifest creativity, improve relationships and foster a deeper understanding of myself. And these are just the tip of the iceberg!

Meditation Says NO to Stress

You know that feeling of being so stressed out that just one more tiny, itsy-bitsy interruption could make you explode like a popcorn kernel in a hot pan? Yeah, been there, done that. It seems no matter how much you juggle, the balls of stress keep adding up until you're a hot mess. The huffing, puffing, and occasional bouts of yelling at the kitchen sink for the dishes' audacity to pile up rapidly. But I've found that meditation keeps the stress demon at bay.

According to neuroscientists, meditation helps to decrease the density of the amygdala, that brainy part of us that's in charge of evoking fear and stress responses. In simpler terms, meditation helps in significantly reducing stress. I now manage my series of unexpected daily events with more serenity, thanks to mediation. Interestingly, Harper seems to enjoy this new chilled-out mommy too! (Who wouldn't like a mommy who has mastered her stress level, right?)

Spark Your Inner Creativity

If you've ever experienced a creative block, you know it's as nerve-wracking as misplacing your spectacles on top of your head! One moment, you're abuzz with ideas and another, poof, blank as an empty canvas. That's when I found meditation to be my secret creativity ninja.

Creativity relies on an open and relaxed mindset, a state easy to slip into through meditation. Additionally, studies have linked meditation to increased divergent thinking, or the ability to think of as many solutions as possible to a problem. So, whenever you feel like your creativity is stuck in a rut, try a quick meditation session. You might just find yourself bursting with ideas, like magic!

Boosting the Love in your Relationships

Have you ever noticed that when you're calm, you're kinder, patient, and more understanding? Just like Buttercup the rabbit who's so calm and gentle around Harper. Well, it turns out, the calmness induced by meditation impacts our relationships positively. So, if you're seeking ways to enjoy healthier relationships and act less like a raging bull, give meditation a shot.

By increasing our capacity for empathy and compassion, meditation helps us forge stronger bonds with people around us. The resulting self-awareness and understanding reflect in our interactions with others, allowing us to see things more clearly from other people's perspectives. It's like having our own superhero goggles, that reveal the truth!

Deepening Your Self-knowledge

Lastly, and probably my favorite of all effects, is the heightened self-understanding and awareness. One unexpected outcome I found from meditating is that it’s like whipping out a magnifying glass on your thoughts and feelings. You get this amazing chance to be a third-party witness of your life, almost like watching the blockbuster movie of the year but the movie is actually your life.

Ah, what an insightful journey it has been! By regularly practicing meditation, I've discovered so much about myself. Not only that, but I've began to understand why I react to certain situations the way I do, and how I can improve my reactions for a more harmonious living. It has helped me get in touch with my feelings at a meaningful depth, enabling clarity, understanding, and self-compassion.

Now that you've heard my experiences and reflections, I do hope it encourages you to try meditation and reaps these unexpected benefits too. Amidst our lives' daily hustle and bustle, integrating meditation can indeed prove to be the calming anchor we didn’t know we needed. If this humble blogger, juggling work, parenting and numerous other roles could do it, so can you!

Fiona Bentley

Fiona Bentley

I am a passionate health and wellness expert based in Vancouver. My experience spans a decade in advising on diet, fitness, mental health, and holistic wellness. Currently, I am a wellness coach working with individuals and groups to enhance their health outcomes. I enjoy writing about health-related topics, sharing my knowledge and learning from others.

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