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Mental Health: Let's Start the Conversation
1 August 2023

Opening Up the Pandora's Box of Mental Health

Being a lifelong learner and a voyeur of life, I've always had a nose for the new, the fascinating, and sometimes, the controversial. Even the treacherous trail through the jungle of mental health couldn't escape my ever-curious senses. Now, as a humble pilgrim in the vast manicured garden of blogging, let's embark on an expedition into this enigmatic realm together.

Let's not dance around the daisies here. Mental health, despite being the elephant in the room, is all too often shoved into the shadows where no one dare cast a glance. But as the sun rays demand to seep in through the slits of the heavy brocade curtains, it's high time we unmask this secret keeper. The emerging spectacle, thus revealed, is undeniably grueling, yet empowering to its very core. Trust me folks, I'm speaking from my own storybook of intricate coils.

Defining Mental Health: Laying the Groundwork

Before we dive deep into the unfathomable waters of mental health, I believe it's indispensable to have our toolboxes equipped with terminologies that wouldn't leave our heads spinning (mental health pun, unintended!). So, breaking it down to the basics, mental health refers to the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing of an individual. It's about how we think, feel, and behave. Yet, trust me, it's not as simple as it sounds. It's like the universe within; the unexplored cosmos where our realities are perceived and projected.

Warning Signs: The Silent Scream

Like a rattling train car maneuvering its way through the tunnel of life, we sometimes tend to miss out on the warning signs that demand immediate attention. If you recognize symptoms such as chronic sadness, excessive worry or fear, extreme mood changes, avoiding friends or activities, or drastic change in eating or sleeping habits, it's crucial to acknowledge that something isn't right. But don't panic, it's just a friendly reminder for you to hit the pause button and revisit the blueprint of your life.

Flagging off the Dialogue: Importance of Conversation

Oh, dear friends, trust me when I say whispering secrets to a listening ear can be as the magical healing potion we've been in the hunt for. Opening up conversations around mental health helps wear off the thick shroud of stigma attached to it. It brings empathy, comfort, and strength in the camaraderie of shared experiences. Time to break free from the restraining clutches of silence and let our voices echo in the vast echoing chambers of understanding.

Bit by Bit: Simple Ways to Improve Mental Health

Battles are won not by rushing in headlong, but with meticulously planned moves. Here, allow me to share some simple hacks that have helped me sail through the choppy seas. Mindfulness is the first word in my mental health glossary. It's about living in the present without being tangled in the past or future. Following this, maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and saying a big fat 'no' to substances goes a long way in keeping the balance. Oh, remember, first and foremost on the priority list is Self Love!

A Lifeline Called Therapy: The Helping Hand

Professional help is not an embarrassment. It's akin to needing a study guide for a tough course, or a coach for practicing a sport. It's OKAY to seek help! Therapists are these amazing mind guides who help unravel the twisted cords within us, allowing us to recapture our lost essence. They extend strategies to deal with the issue at hand and enrich us with the strength to tame the turbulent tides. Trust me, I know! Spending time in therapy has my 'Eliza' stamp of approval!

Championing Mental Health: The Road Ahead

As we slowly but surely tread on the path of acceptance and understanding, we inch closer towards building a nurturing environment for everyone grappling with the seismic shifts of mental health. Collectively overcoming the stigmatizing hurdles, and encouraging open discussions ensues a brighter future. A future where mental health is as 'normal' as physical health, and societies live and let live with unblemished empathy.

So, let's not shush the voices whispering in the quietude but raise its volume for the world to hear, understand, accept, and come together. Mental health matters, and so do you!

Eliza Kensington

Eliza Kensington

As a passionate health and wellness expert, I dedicate my time to promoting well-being in all possible ways. Currently, I work as a Wellness Coach in Adelaide, offering guidance to individuals seeking to improve their overall health. With my professional experience and personal interest in healthy living, I enjoy researching and writing about various health topics. My goal is to inspire people to prioritize their wellness and make informed decisions about their health.

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