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Mindfulness and Sustainability: A Conscious Living
1 August 2023

Mindfulness and Sustainability: Finding Your Zen in Green Living

Mindfulness isn't just about that blissful moment of peace during yoga, or the transcendent seconds of clarity during meditation. It's about the painstakingly ordinary. It's about absolute attention to the extraordinarily regular moments of life. It’s washing dishes, it’s weeding the garden, it’s saying goodnight to Lark or scratching Rusty behind his ears. Moreover, mindfulness is about knowing and appreciating the connections in our lives and the impact we have on the world around us. That's where sustainability reflects the same ethos. It asks us to be aware, to make choices with deliberation and with thorough understanding of their ripple effects.

Nurturing Conscious Choices for a Healthy Environment

Sustainability is an approach to life and consumption that aims to cause as little harm to the planet as possible. Sometimes it's about reducing our carbon footprint, sometimes it's about generating less waste, sometimes it's about using our resources more efficiently. It's a concept woven intrinsically into our daily lives from the moment we turn on the tap in the morning to when we flip off the light switch at night. And in each of these seemingly insignificant actions lies our power to create consequential change, not just in the moment but for the future. Rooftop solar panels, out-the-box composting, rain water harvesting, zero waste movements, sustainable fashions - all facets of the same. It's about fostering a lifestyle that pulls together like a neatly stitched quilt where each square is a conscientious choice.

The Intersection of Mindfulness and Sustainability

I often find peace in seeing the similarities between mindfulness and sustainability, largely because they both rely on conscious living. They remind me that life isn't a sprint, but a marathon. They whisper to me that it's not all about bustling, hustling and tussling, but about pausing and considering. It's about resisting the frenzy of fast fashion and not being all-consumed by consumerism. It's about embracing the succulence of home-grown tomatoes and the beauty of hand-me-downs, things we remember from childhood, but lose along the way. It’s about getting your hands dirty with compost and soil on a lazy Sunday afternoon gardening session. Trust me, Rusty loves it, although his help tends to involve more digging holes than planting.

Making Mindful Choices

Each and every choice that we make, be it as little as the type of coffee we buy or as big as the type of car we drive, carries with it a string of impacts. Being thoughtful about these choices, understanding the significance behind our daily habits, this is where mindfulness steps in. Whenever I go shopping, instead of mindlessly adding items to the cart, I now pause to think. Is this necessity or desire? What materials is this made from? How far has it travelled to be here? How much packaging is involved? Answering these questions has frequently led me to choose local produce, buy in bulk, choose items with less packaging, and even buy less overall!

Simple Steps to a More Sustainable Life

I'm not telling you to dump all your belongings and live in a yurt (though that sounds artistically compelling in a Shakespeare meets Walden sort of way). What I’m advocating is to turn our life into a mindful process of sustainable choices. Merely choosing to go plastic-free or deciding to bike more often instead of driving, sowing your own vegetable patch or deciding to repair, reuse, recycle before replacing - these are just the first steps. We often forget or ignore the carbon footprints associated with our daily routines, once you begin to be mindful of your living, these too become points of action. And let me tell you, tomatoes from your backyard taste a whole different level of sweet!

Embracing the Mindful Sustainable Lifestyle

The journey to a more sustainable way of life is a marathon, not a sprint. It's not just about being a hero today and saving the world tomorrow but a persistent, committed, ongoing process. It's a choice you make again and again, every day. Changes don’t happen overnight. They take time. They take effort. And more than anything, they take belief. Believe me, when Lark first brought home the idea of a zero waste lifestyle, I was dubious. But now, seeing the abundance of positive changes we have brought, I couldn’t be proud more. As I glance at my thriving vegetable garden and a happy Rusty rolling in the compost, I realise that this path of mindfulness and sustainability is rewarding and humbling.

The Ripple Effect of Conscious Living

Ultimately, our individual actions may seem like a tiny drop in the vast ocean of necessity we are faced with, but it's those drops that create ripples. And with time, persistence and determination, they can become waves of change. Nobody got anywhere by standing still and watching the world go by. You have to take that step, make that move, surf that wave. So, let's all add a drop, then a ripple, then a wave, and see where it gets us. So my fellow navigators of life, let's go out there, not just to exist, but truly live. Let's fill our homes with love, our lungs with fresh air, and our minds with awareness. Let's make each second count, not by the ticks of a curt, mechanical timepiece, but by the compassionate and deliberate intent of sustainable, mindful living.

Harper Bellamy

Harper Bellamy

Being a certified wellness coach, I've been working in the health and wellness sector for over seven years. I write extensively about nutritional choices, workout regimens, and mental health, and I fervently believe in the mantra of a balanced lifestyle. Currently, I manage my own wellness consulting firm in Brisbane. Alongside, I conduct group workshops and seminars to promote holistic well-being. Consequently, I'm passionate about helping others achieve their health goals and enhance the quality of their lives.

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