Working progressively: Part I (LED matrix) all dressed up and nowhere to go

(fly)light: Presentation Strategy Statement

Posted Tue, Feb 1, 2005 at 01:14 AM

Sorry, more paperwork for class... Though I do wish to elaborate on this more once my other assignment is done and my brain gets an oppourtunity to de-clutter itself.


(fly)light is a LED and wire sculpture. For the public presentation, (fly)light will be temporally installed in either the new media studio or the sound stage for 3 days.

A visitor entering into the dimly lit space would see a cluster of small, pulsating green lights. From a distance, it may appear that the lights are hanging freely in space, approximately 6" - 7" above the ground. Animated patterns in the pulsating lights may also give an illusion of many glowing bugs flying around a central point.

Upon closer inspection, the visitor will see that the main part of the sculpture is a beehive-shaped mass of thin, green wires hanging from the ceiling. The source of the animations are a thousand small, green LEDs that stud the wire "surface" of the beehive with each LED set approximately 2cm apart from each other. The visible bulk of the installation is approximately 3" high with a diameter of 2".

Due to the height of the sculpture and the implications of a beehive (not to mention the delicate-looking nature of the wire structure), the viewer would realize that (fly)light is non-interactive. The location of (fly)light in the middle of a large open area, along with the animated light patterns, will make the visitor want to walk around and under the sculpture. There will be no audio.

Despite its construction out of normally alienating electronics components, the sculpture should evoke a sense of organicity. Light is a very emotive medium and the simplicity of the piece should allow (fly)light to appeal to a wide audience. Visitors should use (fly)light as one example of how natural phenomena can be modeled after in order to make technology feel more emotionally immediate and "warmer".

Working progressively: Part I (LED matrix) all dressed up and nowhere to go