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Coffee addict art
They didn't cover this one in school ;)
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Urban Screens - conference on video billboards
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Popping in to say "hi"
CropShot desktop capture
rhizome commissions / / CityPong
Goodbye World
beta beta beta
WP Part VII: BS2sx + Processing Redux
WP Part VI: BS2sx + Processing = true love?
Working progressively: Part V (Breadboard redux)
Making anything and everything
Printer guts
Around town
I hereby promise....
LEDs: The Next Frontier
Still in love
Working progressively: Part IV (Serial connections)
Working progressively: Part III (Breadboarding it)
Working progressively: Part II (LED matrix semi-schematic)
I call shotgun!
all dressed up and nowhere to go
3d cameras in Flash (via ActionScript)
(fly)light: Presentation Strategy Statement
Working progressively: Part I (LED matrix)
The right and wrong of soldering
Best of Blogs (or: There's a book for everything out there)
Technorati This!
Top 5s
(fly)light diagrams (draft version)
I Heart Firefox
FITC: The festival formerly known as FlashintheCan
Electronics classes at AnarchyU
(fly)light: The project formerly known as PoC
elevated floors
More love
Love your lights
Wired article: The Wrinkled Future of Online Gaming
4x6 LED Matrix
Interface decision
Overview of technical components
Pop!Tech DVD set
2x2 LED matrix
Project Goals (or: Why???)
Pretty Lights
Proposal (version 3)
Conclusions and Next Steps
Technical Considerations and Feasibility
Detailed Project Description
Yonge-Dundas Square: Public vs. Private
Hello (Virtual/Physical) World
Link to original proposal