O'Reilly on my radar (Or: two book reviews) Robots and Wine

Waypoint @ Harbourfront

Posted Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 11:55 PM
Modified Sun, Dec 8-, 2005 at 12: 0 PM

I wrote up a nice review for Waypoint -- the current geocaching/art exhibition currently on at the Harbourfront Centre (specifically the hallway vitrines and the York Quay Center) -- but, in the final stages, I was met with a great browser crash, and the entire entry is now lost to the internet abyss.

The entry went something like... blah blah, borrow a gps unit from the York Quay staff, blah blah, it was lots of fun, blah blah something, climbed over bushes, blah, until Sept 11, blah blah.


Instead, how's about a picture of what you're missing out on until you check it out yourself:

O'Reilly on my radar (Or: two book reviews) Robots and Wine
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