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(fly)light diagrams (draft version)

Posted Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 11:33 AM

Here's a draft version of some paperwork for class. (Translation: No need to read unless you're my prof!)

This will be presented in the sound stage (3rd floor, Image Arts bldg).

FLOORPLAN (Coming soon)
The LED panel will be hung, somewhere in the middle of the room, from the moterized rafters that can be raised and lowered. Exact length of chains unknown. The bottom of the LED panel will be approx. 4" above the ground.

Click for larger image.

Within the LED area, each LED will be spaced 3cm (~1.25") apart and spans 32 LEDs by 32 LEDs for a total of 1024. That translates to approx. 3.5" x 3.5" with additional space for the frame.

Optimal viewing distance would be 15' away. There may or may not be a "viewing bench" for someone to sit down on, relax, and enjoy the show.

A computer, discreetly tucked away in some corner, will be used to run the LED panel and any cords will be run up, along a wall, to the ceiling rafters.

Click for larger image though it's really not that interesting.


Very low ambient light; near darkness but not pitch black.


I will supply:
- CPU (or laptop) running Processing
- (fly)light LED panel & accompanying chains to hang from ceiling

I need to borrow from the CAGE:
- super long extension cord (if there isn't already power cords built into the ceiling rafters)
- ceiling clamps

Will elaborate on this later but almost everything will be done at home with the intent of being able to bring modular parts to school (ie. 16 - 8x8 LEDs sections, Ikea-like frame, cords, etc.), assemble by plugging wires into pre-built slots, hanging it up, and connecting it to the computer.

Presentation assembly and testing time: 3-5 hours.

(fly)light: The project formerly known as PoC The right and wrong of soldering