WP Part VII: BS2sx + Processing Redux PIC curcuit board sketches

PIC Programming (as part of my current gallery show)

Posted Sun, Jul 17, 2005 at 10:56 PM


Well, I guess it's kind of late for announcements but if you haven't heard, I'm currently in InterAccess' Emerging Artist Show.

Every year, InterAccess selects an "emerging curator" who, in turn, selects about 4-5 recent graduates who do work within the new media field. So this year, (fly)light will be on display from now until August 6th.

I'm really excited about haven been picked but gallery artist I am not. In fact, the main reason why I am in the show is because of this blog... (Does this make me an "emerging blogger"?)

Anyways, if you drop by InterAccess, you'll find a little phamphlet I made up to go with (fly)light. I hope to make a couple more phamphlets later on but mini-issue #1 focuses on programming the PIC16F627 / PIC16F628.

For all you web and/or lazy people, you can download the .pdf version here (page 1) and here (page 2) or here (zipped up). It's suppose to be double-sided so print page 1 first and then print page 2 on the back.

WP Part VII: BS2sx + Processing Redux PIC curcuit board sketches
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Adam loves u!

I loved reading your how to book! I think ALL art should be open source, and I think you're really onto something. keep doing it and bridge the gap. I think electronics needs to be much more eccesible (sp??) to artists.

as for not being a "gallery artist" neither am I ! I think that's part of being an artist in this day and age? or maybe it's just me and you? art is about art. not about hiding stuff in white boxs. I hope to see more from you soon dudey!

Posted by: Adam
August 1, 2005 08:45 PM