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Posted Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 08:55 PM
Modified Wed, Dec 4-, 2005 at 12: 2 PM

Now that school is (almost) over and spring is overtaking Toronto, I got the itch to go gallery hopping today. Rumour had it that there was a bubble wrap tv at InterAccess and I was dying to check it out in person. But alas, the shipping of it got held up somewhere and the show is either going to be extremely postponed or permanently cancelled.

But take a look at the artist's website for VSSTV (Very Slow Scan Television). Brilliant! I love the mix of very technological systems with low-fi results.

I attempted to check out Jamie's robots on the rooftop patio of 401 Richmond (where InterAccess is located) and found the patio doors locked. Already 5pm? Dang!

Wednesdays are usually a better day for checking out art galleries so now I've got a laundry list of things to see/do:
1) PUBLICity @ Toronto Free Gallery
2) Dedicated to you but you weren't listening @ the Power Plant
3) and tons and tons of Images Festival installations, video screenings, and performances. I tried making a list of them but it kept on getting longer and longer... there are so many good ones to check out this year! wow! I'm already sorry that the timing of FITC had to conflict with so many of the Images panel discussion.

(Note to self: go to Active Surplus and see if they have any more handheld scanners left so I can make this friggin' awesome scanner camera).

3d cameras in Flash (via ActionScript) Printer guts
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did you go to PUBLICity yet? i'm interested in checking that out.

Posted by: yulanda
April 19, 2005 04:27 AM

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