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Unlock Your Creativity with Guided Meditation
1 August 2023

Demystifying Meditation

Now, let's first dispel a few myths and misconceptions about meditation. There's no need to go to a secluded mountaintop (unless that's your thing!) or even to sit in a particular position. Meditation isn't about shutting down your thoughts or becoming some enlightened sage. It's essentially about becoming more aware and understanding of yourself and the world around you. Most importantly, anyone can do it, and little Lark and I are a living testament to that. We love our mini-meditation sessions! They not only help me foster a deep sense of tranquility but also fuel my creative instincts, offering fresh perspectives for my blogs.

Understanding the Meditation-Creativity Connection

You might be wondering how meditation can unlock your creativity. Well, the science behind it is rather fascinating. Meditation increases the activity in the parts of the brain responsible for creativity. It helps alleviate stress, augments focus and broadens perspective – crucial elements required for creative thinking. Remember how in your school years, your best ideas would come when you were relaxed and not forcing yourself to think? That's essentially what meditation does. It creates a mental space where you are relaxed and open to new thoughts and ideas. Honestly, it has been a game changer for me considering the whirlwind of thoughts that's usually running wild inside my head - about Lark's homework, grocery shopping, and my next blog post.

Preparing for Guided Meditation

Now, when it comes to guided meditation, it’s truly a blessing for beginners and busy nurturers like us. It keeps you grounded yet allows your thoughts to wander. It's simple and doesn't require much. Pick any corner of your home which gives you a peaceful vibe – your bedroom, balcony, backyard, or even your kitchen! Don't forget to switch off your phone to avoid distractions. Well, remember that one time when I was deep into a wonderful meditation session, and suddenly Lark's toy went off - 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' has never seemed psychoacoustic after that day!

Diving into the Meditation Session

Now, I'd like you to imagine a beautiful calm sea or a serene open sky. Let the tranquility sink in. Start by taking deep breaths in and out, and gradually, let your body fall into a rhythm as per the swirl of thoughts. Don't force creativity during your meditation. Let it happen naturally. Over time, you'll start noticing changes. Ideas will start flowing in, often when you least expect them. It's astonishing how calming the chaos within can free your imagination and let your creative juices flow. Some of my best blogs have been conceived during these sessions. One day, Lark even suggested I write a blog on 'How Dinos get their lunch’, sprouting from one of our endearing meditation sessions. I mean, how adorable is that?

Making Meditation a Lifestyle

Finally, to reap the benefits of meditation, make it a part of your daily routine. Just like exercising or your morning coffee, let it become a habit. Even a ten-minute session can make a huge difference in your ability to think creatively, and over time, you'll notice the changes in your overall well-being too. It's just like nurturing a plant. You cannot expect flowers to bloom overnight, right? Remember, consistency is key. Even on my busiest days, I try to steal a few moments of tranquility with Lark, and there's no doubt it has helped us both tremendously- life seems a whole lot funnier and lighter!

In conclusion, guided meditation isn't merely about silence and solitude. It's about finding that inner peace which allows ideas to blossom. It's about understanding yourself better, thereby enabling you to think differently, think creatively. So dip your toes into this beautiful world of meditation and unlock the creative fiesta waiting within you. And who knows? Maybe your ideas will change the world someday, or at the very least, result in a quirky blog about dinosaur lunches.

Harper Bellamy

Harper Bellamy

Being a certified wellness coach, I've been working in the health and wellness sector for over seven years. I write extensively about nutritional choices, workout regimens, and mental health, and I fervently believe in the mantra of a balanced lifestyle. Currently, I manage my own wellness consulting firm in Brisbane. Alongside, I conduct group workshops and seminars to promote holistic well-being. Consequently, I'm passionate about helping others achieve their health goals and enhance the quality of their lives.

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