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Why Creative Arts Therapies are More Important Than Ever
13 November 2023

Unlocking the Power Within: The Role of Creative Arts Therapies

At times, I find myself sitting by the window, holding a cup of chamomile tea, watching my delightful parrot Max as he bobs his head and squawks melodically. It's astonishing to see the vibrant displays of emotions, thoughts, and stories that Max can convey without uttering a single human language. Max made me realize something epic - we humans, too, possess this innate ability to express our thoughts and feelings, and it splendidly emerges through the medium of creative arts therapies.

The world of creative arts therapies or expressive therapies, as some call it, is more than simply painting or singing. It's an exploration of the self, a journey into the deepest corners of the human soul, and a mirror reflecting our emotions, experiences, and essence. It's a thread linking us to the very fabric of existence. Is that overly dramatic? Of course, it is! But that's what the arts are all about—drama, expression, and a touch of theatrics.

The Expressive Languages: Different Forms of Creative Arts Therapies

Creative arts therapies aren't tied down by language restrictions or barriers. These therapies transcend these constraints and enable communication that is profoundly cathartic and therapeutic. The expressive arts therapies consist of visual arts therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, dance or movement therapy, and expressive arts therapy.

While I don't claim to be an expert, or a maestro in art (truth be told, my sketching skills could be used as visual definition for the word 'mediocre'), I've come to appreciate its therapeutic value. I've journeyed through a canvas using colors as raw emotions, played tunes as coded messages, and let my body sway to rhythms resonant of my heart's beat. And let me tell you, it felt like a psychological spa day!

Diving into the Depths: The Importance of Creative Arts Therapies

The significance of creative arts therapies isn't just limited to the realm of mental health. Indeed, these therapies offer a healing touch to the body, mind, and spirit, the trinity that constitutes our being. They serve as a tool in illuminating the path of self-understanding, self-acceptance and personal growth.

In our increasingly digitized world, where real emotions often take a backseat, these therapies provide an organic space for human connections. They fortify our emotional resilience and equip us to better navigate the complex labyrinth of life. Somewhere between the strokes of a brush or the rhythm of a song, we discover bits of ourselves, often unknown but always enlightening.

Fostering Connections through Creative Arts Therapies

One beautiful aspect of creative arts therapies is the ability to foster connections. A shared melody, a common dance, or a group drawing can bridge gaps between hearts. The Arts bring people together; it's like they have this secret spell that shatters differences and builds empathy. It's a universal language that every heart understands. No Google Translate needed here, folks!

Take it from me, someone who's had more dance offs with Max than I care to admit, there's a joy in sharing art that no other experience can match. And believe me when I say that this connection humans forge through art is as healing as any therapy can get.

Art, Meet Science: The Therapeutic Backbone of Creative Arts

"But, Cassandra," I hear you say, "how does it actually work, scientifically?" Well, I'm glad you asked! The process of these therapies tugs at various neural networks and physiological mechanisms, with the limbic system playing a crucial role. Sounds boring? Well, if I tell you the limbic system is sometimes referred to as the 'emotional brain', things start to sound a bit more exciting, don't they?

Science backs up the efficacy of creative arts therapies. Numerous research studies have shown these therapies to be highly effective in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and enhancing overall well-being. They follow a holistic approach, treating the person as a whole rather than just focusing on the symptoms. So, we know it's not just woo-woo. There's evidence-based mojo beneath all that paint and melody.

Why Now, More than Ever, We Need Creative Arts Therapies

Living in the information age, often classified as the era of uncertainty, the need for creative arts therapies is more than ever before. The constant barrage of information, rapid digital communication, and the unnerving pace of life can be introspective artbreakers, causing stress and mental drainage. In such times, creative arts therapies serve as an oasis of calm in the chaos.

We are in dire need of downtime, a moment of pause, and a touch of self-exploration. And what better way than through the delightful and engaging means of art? COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have only heightened the need, making us realize the true worth of psychological well-being and 'me-time.'

A Brush with Personal Experience: My Healing Journey through Art

Peak into the gallery of my life, and you'd find a vibrant journey of colors, songs, and movements that I've managed to dance through. A few years back, when the ground beneath seemed to sway, the carpet of stability pulled out from under my feet, it was the anchor of art that kept me steady. From painting abstract landscapes to humming the rhythm of the rain, these absorbing sessions became my catharsis, my emotional release.

Between battling a sea of deadlines and balancing a high-paced life, sometimes, turning to a blank canvas or strumming my guitar was all I needed to regain my equilibrium. Ever noticed how a rainy day can be both melancholic yet peaceful, or how open skies and green pastures instill a sense of calm and freedom? The beauty of art lies in the same paradox - it allows you to express the chaos while creating a sense of peace.

Creative Arts Therapies: A Journey, Not a Destination

The beauty of creative arts therapies lies in the journey - it’s an epic adventure movie, where you are both the protagonist and the director. Like a bulb blooming on a canvas or a melody taking its full form, the real reward of these therapies is the process, not the end product. And trust me, the journey is worth every stroke, every note, every scene you enact.

So while we face this tumultuous world filled with uncertainties, having a little bit of color, music, movement or drama in our lives won't hurt. Remember, arts are not about revealing the artist in you, they're about discovering the 'you' in you. Because in the end, we are all works of art, masterpieces in our exhibition of life, waiting to unravel our stories. So, why not start your healing journey today with creative arts therapies?

Cassandra Mendel

Cassandra Mendel

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