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Sports Massage: A Proven Method for Pain Management
29 August 2023

How Sports Massage is Making a Swoosh in the World of Pain Management

Did anyone else hear that swoosh? Oh wait, that's just the beautiful melody of a body being liberated from pain, thanks to the intervention of sports massage. Ah, sports massage! The unglamorous cousin of the spa world who chose to pick the athletic path and is low-key outshining its elegant counterparts. I mean, dont we all feel a tad bit of admiration for that one family member whose unusual career choice paid off big time?

Speaking from personal experience, as someone perpetually haunted by unwanted aches and discomfort (and trust me, Elliot's teenage years are proving to be a bigger pain than the literal ones), sports massage has been my trusted ally. Remember when our distant ancestors found fire and it was this major ballyhoo? This, my friends, isn’t different.

So why sports massage? Other than giving me the chances of catching a glimpse of extremely fit people (hey, everybody’s got their thing), it is a solid tool for pain management and here's a baker's dozen why…

The Orchestra Within Your Muscles

No, that wasn’t a play on words or a sound given off by that red wine, that was sports massage at work. The tissue movement under the masterful hands of a competent therapist can feel like the most harmonious orchestra wayahoop (not sure if that’s a real word, but hey, you get the point, right?).

Underneath the superficial layer of honoring tight muscles, sports massage works diligently like a Yoda, applying pressure, manipulating tissues and tenderly caring for all the damaged ones. Hardcore yet considerate, kind of like my approach to parenting.

And oh!, let’s not forget, any pain, swelling or inflammation in the body gets the eviction notice pronto with sports massage stepping into the picture. Trust me, these are not just theories that fancy sports scientists sit around and make up, each one of it is backed by concrete evidence.

Journey from Doe to Dynamo

Hang on, I’m not here to sign you up for a decathlon (not yet!). However, the ability to amble across your living room without grimacing sure sounds like a compelling proposition, right? This is precisely where sports massage comes to the rescue.

In addition to decimating your pain, it significantly improves bodily flexibility, endurance and overall performance. Oh, and it multitasks by reducing the recovery time from muscular injuries. Now, doesn't this sound like getting one of those swanky 2 in 1 hair styling tools at half the price?

Now, Who’s a Good Little Cell?

As intriguing as it sounds, this is about the sweet nothings that sports massage whispers to your immune system. Since it advances the activity levels of white blood cells, it aids in fighting off infections. It also promotes better lymphatic flow and improves digestive health. Is it just me, or does it sound like sports massage is the unsung superhero waiting for its cape?

Sports Massage: The Zen Master We All Need

Life is indeed an action-packed thriller or a circus, depending on the day. When I say 'action-packed' I mean, it's filled with much 'how-why-where' questions, and we are the stunt doubles improvising every second. But while we're going all Jackie Chan with our lives, have we stopped to think about how our stress reacts to it? Ah, finally, something that made you think, right?

Well, stress and anxiety are a foolproof recipe for impending doom, or for a week in my household. Trust me, even the stir caused by Elliot's science project going haywire doesn't compensate for the inner chaos. However, the sports massage comes riding to the rescue managing the stress hormone, cortisol, also known as the Grim Reaper of Happiness.

Nighty Night, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Between incessantly updated Instagram feeds, buzzing smartphones, and streaming sessions that go on an eternity, catching some serious Z’s can appear like a herculean task. As a mom with a decade long history of harrowingly long nights, I'm often seen sprinting for my cup of midnight coffee like it's the holy grail. But, oh the wonders of sports massage! It miraculously improves sleep quality, and I’ve been told I've started to resemble less of a haggard sleep-deprived troll recently. So that’s that!

Sports massage, dear readers, is smart, saucy and gives you a taste of victory over the vile villain called 'Pain'. It's the antidote to the chaos and a strong ally in your pursuit of balanced well-being. According to a certain young man in my house, 'pain is gain' but what if I told you that relief from pain is the real gain? Trust me on this, I'm older and have had more tumbles and fights with furnitures than Elliot ever did on his skateboard!

Lydia Kellerman

Lydia Kellerman

I'm Lydia Kellerman, a recognized expert in health and wellness based in Bristol, UK. My work focuses on developing and implementing innovative health promotion campaigns in local communities. I believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their wellbeing and I am passionate about spreading this message through my writing and public speaking engagements. I also teach mindfulness techniques and meditation, rooted in my own personal practices. A constant learner in my field, I often find myself exploring new wellness tactics and I derive great joy from sharing this knowledge with others.

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